Ilha do Mel

Engelse beschrijving:

Ilha do Mel is a true hidden gem in Paraná´s Coast! The island attracts tourists all year long: in Summer mostly Brazilians come for quietness, warm temperatures and surf. During the rest of the year, Brazilians and foreigners from all over the world look for nature, milder temperatures and especially, to leave the routine behind.

The experience begins before you hit the island. The access is made only by boats that leave from Paranaguá (about 2 hours boat ride) or from Pontal do Sul (about 30 minutes boat ride). To catch a boat and leave the mainland behind is already relaxing. A great opportunity for good pictures and if you are lucky, you might spot dolphins very close to the boat! The tickets are bought directly at the pier and can not be reserved in advance. If you are a group, avoid waiting times and contact us for a private boat. There are several parking lots in Pontal do Sul and if you are travelling by car, it is better to park there and the boats leave more frequently. From Paranaguá, there are few departures times per day.

When you arrive at Ilha do Mel, you will not see a single car nor motorcycles. Mobiles do not work very well and the visitors number is limited to 5.000 per day. A truly amazing travel experience to relax!

The rustic and exotic island belongs to the city of Paranaguá and over 90% of it is under strict environmental protection. It is divided into 5 tiny villages: Fortaleza, Brasília, Farol, Praia Grande and Encantadas and each of them has a special view. The most visited places are Farol das Conchas (Lighthouse), Fortaleza (fortress) and Gruta de Encantadas (a cave). All of them have much history and natural beauty. Climb the stairs to the lighthouse to enjoy a panoramic view from almost the complete island - it is surely worth the 144 steps. The path to Encantadas cave is also great and arriving there you will find an almost desert beach - great for pictures. The fortress has many stories and it hosts canons protected by thick walls and stunishing views to the ocean.