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Parnaíba is the second largest city in the state of Piauí and is part of one of the most beautiful coasts of the country. The city is known as the gateway of the Parnaíba River Delta, the largest open sea delta in the Americas and the third largest in the world. White sand dunes, Carnauba palm and coconut trees, clear seas with warm waters, majestic rivers, ponds, streams and rich fauna are some of the tourist attractions of this unforgettable place.

The tours in the Delta begin at the Porto dos Tatus, in the Ilha Grande municipality, about 11 km away from Parnaíba. Located in the Environmental Protection Area (APA) and with more than 70 islands, the Delta comprises an incredible variety of animal species, including monkeys, turtles, dolphins, crabs and alligators as well endangered species such as manatees and the scarlet ibis (a species of red birds in the region). The flora is abundant in mangroves, streams, freshwater ponds, and sand dunes, making the tour and its views inspirational.

Lagoa do Portinho is located 12 km away from the center. The calm waters and the strength of the winds make the place suitable for sailing and kite surfing, dune boarding is the favorite program of sand boarders. At the banks of the ponds and lagoons there are bars with live forró performances and boat tour options.

One of the most famous beaches of Parnaíba is Pedra do Sal, thus named due to the accumulation of sea salt in the rock formations. Located 17 km away from the center, it is 8 km long and surrounded by sand dunes, ponds, Carnauba palms, and a beautiful sunset. The beach attracts surfers, who enjoy the waves of the wild sea, and kite surfers, attracted by the strong winds and the tranquility on the opposite side.

The Porto das Barcas is home to several tourism agencies and inns as well as craft shops and restaurants. Department stores were built in the 20th century to stock carnauba and babassu wax (from Brazilian palm trees), which was exported to several European countries at the time. Nowadays, the tourist attraction is the ruins of such stores.